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Turacoz embraces impact of generative AI in medical communications

Turacoz embraces the transformative impact of generative AI in medical communications by actively participating in relevant events with both newcomers and professionals in the field. Recently, Dr Namrata Singh, Founder and Director, Turacoz Group, had a successful roundtable discussion on the evolving landscape of medical writing and generative AI at the 55th EMWA Conference in Prague. The roundtable prompted insightful conversations about the evolution of medical writing and the need to upskill the medical writer for using generative AI tools. Following the success of this discussion, EMWA has initiated the “AI Working Group” with an objective to create awareness of the trends and advancements in medical writing specific generative AI tools.

Building on the momentum, Turacoz also hosted two consecutive webinars on “Developing Scientific Publications Ethically in the Era of Generative AI (ChatGPT)”. These webinars provided participants with opportunities to explore the intersection of generative AI and scientific publications, discover valuable tools, and seek answers to burning questions.

Turacoz unfurled the AI and medical writing (AIMW) brain trust initiative, an AI-focused community of like-minded individuals who like to understand and explore the opportunities provided by generative AI in medical writing. This initiative is aimed to gather insights, experiences, challenges faced in using AI and plausible solutions to improve the efficiency of different generative AI tools. The AIMW brain trust initiative has planned several small tangible and measurable practical activities for the next few months. Participation in these activities is voluntarily.

Lastly, Turacoz updated its upcoming scientific writing course “CPD-UK Accredited Certificate Course in Scientific Writing: Developing End-to-End Journal Publication Using AI”. Interactive sessions on generative AI tools in publication development will help the writers to understand the limitations of different generative AI tools and upskill their knowledge.
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