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UK Minister Inaugurates Centre For Stem Cell Transplant In Chennai

A dedicated stem cell transplant unit was inaugurated at the SIMS Hospitals on Saturday by minister of health and social services of Wales, UK Vaughan Gething AM on Saturday. The facility will provide life-saving treatment for cancer and other blood disorders, doctors said.

“We have been treating cancers and blood disorders in the hospital. But, henceforth we will be doing it as a dedicated unit that is equipment with latest technology and facilities,” said oncologist Dr Rajan Kumar Mohapatra. “We now have isolated sterile units that will work as bubble when their immune systems are weakened by the treatment. Such advanced therapy units will improve outcomes,” he said. As of now, on an average bone marrow transplants help up to 60% of cancer patients, he said.

Stem cell therapy is gold standard therapy for blood cancer and blood disorders such as Thalassemia and sickle cell anaemia. “We use patient’s own cell or donor cells borrowed from parents or siblings. Now, we also have stem cells registries that will help find patients perfect match among strangers,” he said.

Meanwhile Gething signed an MOU with the hospital to develop education and academic cooperation between SIMS Hospital and College of healthcare innovations. “Collaborations with India will open new frontiers for students from India and Wales. We will be able to mutually benefit from this programme. We should also work together for enhancing awareness regarding preventive cancer screening.-Times Of India

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