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We will not hazard a guess on the total outgo on the vaccines, says Health Secretary

Union Health Secretary says “Various countries have explored various approaches to financial assistance for vaccine development. They include advance market commitments; providing financial help to vaccine manufacturers in terms of conducting R&D, this financial support may come from financial institutions.

“In India, through Department of Biotechnology, direct financial assistance is being given already to the designated vaccine manufacturers to assist in R&D and pre-clinical trials, may get extended to clinical trials. Other options are also on the table, which may be explored. At the present moment, we will not hazard a guess on the total outgo on the vaccines. Sufficient financial resources are, however, available with the government to procure the vaccine.”

“A sub-group under the National Committee of Experts on Vaccine Administration has already mapped the cold chain facilities already existing for immunisation programmes of the government. It has also made a projection of the additional requirement. The sub-group is now mapping the private sector facilities, with minor modifications, they can be used for the purpose,” says Mr. Bhushan. –The Hindu

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