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XN-1500 from Sysmex India Pvt Ltd

The role of the laboratory in disease diagnosis and management has expanded in recent years, causing an overwhelming rise in testing demands. The availability of skilled technologists and specialists has been also a challenge across the country. This challenge of getting skilled manpower and their retention is more severe in Tier-II and Tier-III cities. To meet the needs of an overworked and mostly multitasking workforce, today’s hematology analyzers must not only deliver more clinical data than ever before, but should also be easier to operate, relieving overburdened laboratory staff members of cumbersome tasks.

Leading hematology analyzer manufacturer, Sysmex, has answered these needs with technological evolutions in the areas of new product development, workflow improvisation, analytical advancement, and clinical information management. Further revolutionary advancements in computing, electronics, and manufacturing, along with continuous innovation in the areas of biotechnology, fluidics, and mechanics, have led to a reduction in the size of analyzers and increase in the speed of analysis with integrated or scalable solutions.

Sysmex XN-1500
As an additional option to the highly varied XN-Series configurations, the new XN-1500 offers scalable benefits of a Sysmex integrated solution within a smaller footprint. The XN-1500 is a unique synergistic solution, consisting of a hematology analyzer and slide maker. With this integration, automated sample analysis and slide preparation improves the workflow of hematology section in the laboratory.

Reflex testing occurs within the same loop, and so does the smear preparation, when it is needed. Like extended measurements, smears are only initiated if they offer additional diagnostic value, based on the customizable rule setting as per laboratory protocols and requirements. The analysis profile is extended automatically to include smear-making and staining, but one may also order this upfront, for instance, with known special samples. Consistent smears with a beautiful cell monolayer that makes further microscopic diagnostics as easy and powerful as possible.

Count. Smear. Stain. All-in-one hematology

  • Fully integrated cell counter and slide maker and stainer with small footprint.
  • Reduces manual intervention through auto rerun and reflex capability.
  • Fully automated hematology cell counting with 6-Part differential analysis, using Sysmex core technology – fluorescence flow cytometry.
  • Corrected WBC with direct measurement of NRBC for every CBC analysis.
  • Added value with immature granulocyte count for every sample and optional low WBC analysis mode.
  • Additional applications of RET, IPF, and body fluid can be activated.
  • Micro R, Macro R, and fragmented RBC (FRC) are also reportable parameters.
  • Consistent smears with a beautiful cell monolayer, with throughput up to 75 slides per hour.
  • Integration further results in shorter turnaround time.
  • Integrating a digital cell imaging solution, DI-60, complements and completes the whole CBC analysis by automating microscopy.

Pravin Gundewar
Sr Product Manager – Hematology,
Sysmex India Pvt. Ltd.

The advanced hematology analysers from Sysmex, a global leader in hematology automation and a frontrunner in research and development uses fluorescence flow cytometry in all 6-part differential hematology analysers. Innovation at its finest, the XN-1500 is a compact solution that combines the leading hematology solution, the XN- 1000 with a brand-new slide-making/staining solution, the SP-50, for an all-in-one workstation. Designed for laboratories with moderate workloads and a need for simplified and efficient work processes, the XN-1500 systemization solution offers enhanced productivity. It provides a seamless process, starting from CBC analysis to automated slide making and staining with the shortest turnaround time.

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