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Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting and Monitoring is Prime Need in India

Indubhai Patel College of Pharmacy and Research Center, managed by Sanskruti Sanraksha Charitable Trust organized a two-day Conference on ‘Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting and Monitoring is Prime Need in India at Dharmaj. Around 140 delegates participated in the event. Prof Navin Sheth, Vice Chancellor of Gujarat Technological University (GTU) and Member, Board of Advisers of Accuprec Research Labs inaugurated the conference. He put emphasis on mentoring pharma students in such a way that interest should be created by motivating them. He said that Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) Monitoring & Reporting is not being done properly. There is need of such reporting system especially in Rural area.

Now Online reporting is also possible as pharma manufacturers have to create special mechanism including exclusive email for ADR. Dr Manish Rachchh, Director & CEO of Accuprec Research Labs, Dr Mira Desai, Professor & Head of Department in Pharmacology Department of BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad, Dr. Barna Ganguly from Pramukhswami Medical College, Karamsad, Dr. Rohan Parikh from Akansha Hospital, Anand, Dr. Parul Bhatt from L.M. College of Pharmacy and Dr. Satyagiri from Sumandeep Vidyapith were among the expert panel of the Conference.

Experts discussed various topics including role of Healthcare professionals in ADR monitoring, current trends of ADR monitoring system in India, ADR reporting system is prime need in India, pharmacovigilance and data management challenges in ADR reporting etc. They expressed opinion that Adverse Drug Reactions monitoring is a process of continuously monitoring of undesirable effect suspected to be associated with use of medicinal products. It is mandatory for pharmaceutical manufacturers or product registrants to monitor their products in the market and report any suspected undesirable effects to TFDA. – TOI

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