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Ambulance with Heart for Transplant Given Green Corridor

A green corridor created in peak hours helped transport a harvested heart from Civil Hospital in Asarwa to a private hospital in Sola area of the city for a transplant covering a distance of 12 km in 14 minutes on Wednesday. The journey from the Civil Hospital to the private hospital in Sola usually takes 30 to 40 minutes. “The donated heart was to be transferred within minimum time. Traffic police along with local police made this possible, and the vehicle carrying the donated heart travelled 12 km on Wednesday in 14 minutes, between 7.57 pm and 8.11 pm,” said DCP traffic (West), Sanjay Kharat. “It happened when the roads were busiest with peak hour traffic,” said Kharat. Sources in the private hospital said that the heart was donated by one Asankhya Mathur which was supposed to be given to Liladhar Vyas, who was suffering with a critical cardiac disease. – India Times