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Blood Bank 2021

Blood collection equipment

Product listing of various models available in the Indian market, with detailed features, by brand




Fresenius Kabi HemoLight Plus Automatic blood collection system to support whole blood donation; informs about donation time, flow, and end alarms; removable plastic tray
  Hemofreeze bags Cyropreservation freezing bags for long term storage of various blood components; made of biocompatible and mechanical stress resistant kapton/teflon
Hemogenomics Blood Screening (NAT) Procleix systems Individual donor nucleic acid testing (ID-NAT) based on transcription mediated amplification, ensuring highest sensitivity
Mitra Industries BCM-100 A microprocessor based equipment which collects, monitors and mixes the blood with anti-coagulant in the blood bag
Poly Medicure NOVAC Non-vacuum blood collection tubes


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