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BONAVERA CHEM 200 from Biogeny Diagnostics (A Beacon Group Company)

Clinical chemistry is a fairly new specialty, an amalgam of chemistry and medical science. It is a polyglot discipline combining chemistry, biochemistry, immunochemistry, endocrinology, toxicology as well as analytical chemistry. It offers necessary support to healthcare providers to improvise the diagnosis and treatment monitoring for better patient outcome. The modern technologies used in this discipline of laboratory medicine includes colorimetry, immunoturbidimetry, nephelometry, potentiometry, ISE, HPLC etc.

As the demand increased, the discipline of clinical chemistry became more challenging in terms of accuracy, precision, reproducibility, handling large volume of workload in shorter TAT and also maintained the economy of operation. Obviously, the solution to all these factors was introduction of automation.

Automation is the use of various control systems for operating equipment and other applications with minimum human intervention. The automated instruments have advantages that laboratories can process more workload with minimum involvement of manpower. Also, automation minimizes the chances of variability of results and errors that generally can occur during manual analysis. The use of integrated computer hardware and software into analysers has made the job very easy for clinical laboratories as it provides automatic process control and data processing. The use of automated analysers has many advantages including reduction of workload, less time consumption per sample analysis, more number of tests done in less time, use of minimum amount of sample and reagents, decreased chances of human errors, and high accuracy and reproducibility.

The era of automation in clinical chemistry begins with development of 1st analyser in 1956 for analysing urea, glucose and calcium. This was soon followed by advancement of single and multichannel continuous flow analysers. Thus the widespread use of batch analyser begin from that time. It was 1980 where the photodiode array spectrophotometry was developed and from that stage the development of ultramodern devices in automation gains the speed. Today we are at the age of offering Total Lab Automation which effectively addresses the issues of pre-analytical, analytical & post-analytical phase and provides the best outcome as desired.

In today’s time Random Access, discrete analyser offering speed of testing from 100 test/hour to 1600 test/hour are available in the market. These analysers are either bench top or floor model offering very unique facilities through excellent features and exceptional product design.

Bonavera Chem 200 is one such unique artifact, a fully automated Random-Access discrete biochemistry analyser which can produce up to 200 biochemistry tests results in one-hour, using single or double reagent. The instrument comes with on board refrigeration that can be operated 24 hours as well as laundry facilities.

Bonavera Chem 200 is having multifunctional precision sampling probe with external and internal polishing and washing facility that offers precise and carryover free aspiration and dispensing of testing material.

The Teflon coated mixer provides excellent homogeneous mixing without dropping liquid molecule and thereby eliminating carry over effects.

The advance operating system with user friendly software offers unique functions like performing linear and non-linear multipoint calibration, quality control programs. reusable Pyrex cuvettes which does not require any special washing offers saving of maintenance cost.

Easy Lamp changing assembly offers relatively maintenance free operation. Moreover use of integrated close optical system offers unique customer focus advantage of long lasting optical system thus making it more pecuniary in routine use.

Bonavera Chem 200 can run End Point, Kinetic, Fix Time as well as Turbidimetric analysis. The reaction volume as low as 150 µl which helps in saving cost on reagent volumes and yet provide most accurate and precise results.

Together with excellence of automation Bonavera Chem 200 is supported by a range of dedicated system pack reagents which offers total solution for automation.

Bonavera Chem 200 is guiding the way to clinical laboratories for excellence of automation in clinical chemistry.

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