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BP monitors

Allied Medical
Allied Meditec M302
Multiparameter monitor with 8-inch TFT screen with upto 4 hrs battery backup; Monitoring of NIBP and Sp02.

BPL Medical Technologies

BPL 120/80 B17
3.5-inch LCD display with warm white backlight; Irregular heartbeat detection; Smart Indicators – Incorrect cuff wrapping or usage alert.

120/80 BT-02
Arm type blood pressure monitor with Tubeless technology. Bluetooth compatible, can be connected to the BPL BeWell app for daily BP recording for BP tracking and monitoring.

BPL 120/80 B9
Larger cuff size 22*45 cm, recommended for adults and storage of up to 74 recordings for an individual user.

120/80 B20
Dual inflation modes, manual and digital. An extra-large LCD screen, a cuff storage bay and an integral handle for enhanced portability. Can be used by patients at home and doctors at their clinics.

Peerless Biotech

3rd generation technology. Blue blacklit 82mm x 65 mm display.

LCD 76 mm x 50 mm, black digital display. 99 memories with date & time for 2 persons.

SCHILLER Healthcare

Ambulatory blood pressure recorder with a feature of 24 to 48 hours of BP recording.

BP- 200 PLUS
A non-invasive exercise test blood pressure monitor, designed to automatically measure and display a patient’s systolic and diastolic blood pressures at preset intervals, or on demand of the operator.

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