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MedTech 2022


Akas Medical Equipment
Urine output monitoring: The product is used in ICU and OTs to monitor the urine output of the patient periodically and also show graphical display with 7-inch TFT.


Holmium laser: Blaze Prime 65W/Blaze 35/30W
Able to fragment /dusting of any composition, any size and any type of kidney stone; optical power upto 65W/35W/30W; green beam light for better visibility; better dusting and fragmentation using long and short pulse respectively.

Mammography (analog)-Venus/Fairy 3.5 KW/5KW; anatomical programming radiography; fully motorized Isocentric 5KW model; digital display of compression parameters; self diagnostic inter locks.

Full field digital mammography-Venus DRV/Venus DRV+/ Fairy DR 3D/Fairy DR Adv (3.5 KW/5 KW); Upgradable to 3D Tomosynthesis (model specific– Fairy DR Adv); digital mammography with FPD; economical solution in digital mammography; auto release of breast compression after exposure.

Remote controlled digital radiography and fluoroscopy system – AngioTab 9030 DRF (65/80 KW); zero radiation to radiologist by providing complete remote controlled access; dynamic FPD embedded inside table; head – to – toe coverage with remote and table side control; digital work flow supporting HMS, PACS and Cloud reporting; fully motorized movements.

Tread mill test; Dual working of acquisition box – stress ECG and resting ECG; user friendly software with editable protocols, online/PDF printing, RR analysis, PVC detection and many more features; Optional: automatic NIBP measurement in a AM model.

Polysomnograph; Automatic detection of apneas and hypopneas; Option to convert the data in PDF or media player format for presentation; sleep staging option for adult and pediatrics.

Electromyograph; Work on all Microsoft windows platform; Export the data to MATLAB/LAB view; digitally signed driver with lots of user editable or defined settings.

Hospital information system; Centralized management of clinical, administrative & financial aspects of a healthcare organization; Optimized decision making via real time analytics; Stunning, user friendly & intuitive design.

Allen PACS
MIS statistics for top management; Viewable on all PCs/Workstations/Tablets (All OS) (LAN & internet); Optimum image quality & speed.

Radiology Information System
Complete management of a radiology setup; Automated patient data entry in modality worklist (MWL); Complete integration with PACS.

EEG: Neuroplot
Electroencephalograph; Power spectra and coherence;Irregular heart Beat analysis software; Features like amplitude integrated EEG (AEEG), CSA/DSA.

Laboratory Information System
Complete management of pathology setup; Automated data entry & retrieval from lab analyzers (LISCOM); Auto notifications of test results to clients via SMS.

BPL Medical Technologies

M-Rad 3.6+ DR
100kHz ultra high frequency technology ensures that only useful dose is produced over the entire duration of the exposure while suppressing the skin dose. 3.5 kw output X-ray generator. Adjustable collimator with high luminescence lamp for easier and faster positioning.

EMCO Meditek

EMCO oxi-mri 3600
Stand alone pulse oximeter.

EMCO 3700
BP monitoring with pulse oximeter.

EMCO 3800
ETCO2 with pulse oximeter.

EMCO Dopplers
Foetal handheld doppler with 2 MHz transducer to monitor pregnancy from 10th week. Vascular doppler: handheld doppler with 8 MHz transducer for vascular and arterial blood flow investigation.

Animec AM 301 Blood & Fluid Warmer
It is from ELLTEC, Japan and warms the blood/fluid within 2-3 minutes and having maximum infusion rate up to 1200 ml/hr. Unique feature is 301 takes standard 4mm IV tubings thus saving on consumables as it does not use dedicated IV tubings or cartridges.

Fujifilm India

All SYNAPSE products offers seamless integration for the single-on access to a range of radiography, cardiology, and business management tools.

Mindray Medical

DS3 docking station for pumps
Integrated work station for bedside management for 3 Series, available with different configuration.

eDS docking station for pumps
Infusion supervision system e Series available in different configuration. Docking slots avaiable from 2-16 slots. Supports connection with HIS/CIS; Wires /wireless.

Special application infusion pumps – BeneFusion eSP TCI
Advanced anesthesia syringe pump; New advanced solution for intravenous anesthesia; Combines ease of use and advanced safety feature as well as powerful anesthesia functions in one single pump, making intravenous anesthesia much safer and easier. Supports TCI/TIVA mode and multimode application.

Special application infusion pumps – BeneFusion eSP PCA
Patient control analgesia for pain mainagement. Avaiable in PCA mode and multi mode application; PCA; Four different modes with contiounous infusion +PCA Bolus; Loading dose with PCA Bolus; Single PCA Bolus etc.

Nihon Kohden

Neurofax µ: EEG-9100K
Laptop based digital EEG machine; Ideal for portable/ICU/ER use; In-built EtCo2 & SpO2 for ICU usage; 32-ch amplifier for full 10-20 montage.

Neurofax: EEG-1200K
Desktop based EEG system; 32/64/128/192/256-channel; Ideal Lab/EMU/ICU use; In-built EtCo2 & SpO2 for EMU usage; Easy analysis with trending & mapping; DC shift analysis & Wide band analysis for precise EMU reporting.

Neuropack S 3:MEB-9600
Low noise & high sensitivity amplifier configurable system composition; Improved user friendly control panel; QEMG analysis with MUP analysis; Color-based MUP classification.

Neuropack X 1: MEB-2300K
6/12-channel EMG/NCV/EP system; Low noise & high sensitivity amplifier; Fully loaded system for research need.

Polysomnography: PSG-1100K
51-channel PSG system; Internal pressure transducer; Dedicated EKG reference; Internal SpO2; Integrated EtCO2 module; Inbuilt port for body position; Auto sleep analysis with manual override.

Neurofax: EEG-1250
ICU EEG monitoring system; aEEG, BSR, DSA, FFT; Ideal for NICU and CICU; Numeric display for easy visualization.

Neuromaster: MEE-2000
Neural function measuring system; 16- or 32-channel system; Multi-modality system; Multiple user support; TcMEP montage box.

Polysomnography: Sphinx-II
30-channel PSG system, capable of type-1 PSG study. Integrated channels for airflow & SPo2. Dedicated connectors for respiratory sensors.

Polysomnography: Nomad
Battery powered; Fully mobile; SpO2 triggered for auto start; 12-channel system.

EEG Headset: AE-120A
Wireless EEG headgear; Ideal for ICU or ER monitoring; Quick connection for EEG recording.

Peerless Biotech

ERKA Finesee stethescope
Dual tube; High quality PVC material.

ERKA Finesee Light stethescope
Convex membrane; Optimal designed sound chamber; Light weight dual tube.

ERKA Duo Black Line stethescope
Convex membrane; Excellence resonance & sound transmission.

Digital thermometer
Safe & unbreakable; Last memory function; Convenient to use.

SCHILLER Healthcare

Specially designed for neonates provides the world’s leading ventilation modes. It provides the most professional and diversified noninvasive nasal ventilation modes with advanced apnea wakeup function and automatic leakage compensation function. 8-inch TFT LCD color touch-screen; Accurate and safe fresh gas delivered by iFlow Intelligent Closed-loop Control System to protect vulnerable new life. The user-friendly operating system closely integrated with clinical practice to facilitate medical staff. Integrated ventilation solutions providing SNIPPV/NIPPV, NCPAP, and HFNC modes for safe ventilator weaning. Direct pressure setting. Direct oxygen concentration setting.

Suitable for patients from 500 gms to 25 kg; High-frequency oscillator ventilation; Integrated humidification of breathing gas; Flow or pressure trigger; Freeze and measurement with calipers; 24 hours trend representation; SNIPPV mode with external trigger mechanism (capsule sensor); Automatic SpO2-controller SPOC: controlled oxygen saturation, automatic FiO2 adjustment thereby adaptive increase of ventilation.

ROSA One : Brain
Robotic surgical assistance for neurosurgery; Can be used in any cranial procedure combining: preoperative surgical planning, precise positioning, and dexterous instrument manipulation.

medilog AR
A robust, shock- and splash-proof as well as easy to clean; Dual-battery concept, the patients can be screened for more than 14 days; Zero-second atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter detection based on true P-wave analysis.

Darwin 2 software for holters
It is designed to maximise speed and ease of use. The automatic analysis of a 24-hour holter recording takes less than 90 seconds, with extremely accurate results.

Modern calibration free ultrasound-hardware and latest Windowsbased programming techniques enable SpiroScout to fulfill requirements which are needed to be a user friendly spirometry solution. Accomplishes requirements by: Real time exhaled gas determination, Real time ATP – BTPS calculation, Calibration free ultrasound-flow-sensor.

PowerCube Diffusion Plus
Life long mordern calibration free ultrasound-hardware and latest Windowsbased programming techniques supplies information regarding lung volumes and diffusion capacity of lung along with many other respiratory mechanics like MIP-MEP, N2 washout, provocation, Rhinomanometry, ROCC, Capnovolumetry, Compliance tests.

PowerCube Body Plus
Life long mordern calibration free ultrasound sensor in the Bodyplethysmography application. TGV measuremt application alongwith diffusion capacity of lung along with many other respiratory mechanics like MIP-MEP, N2 washout, provocation, rhinomanometry, ROCC, capnovolumetry, compliance tests.

CS104 with SpiroScout SP Plus
Spiroscout SP Plus with CARDIOVIT CS-104 combines all essential Spirometry features and desired possibilities in an integrated system. Spiroscout SP Plus is a PC-based Spirometry, based on the ultrasound technology which doesn’t require any volume calibration.

Spandan Spiro
PC-based pulmonary function testing. FVC, SVC, MVV and MV can be performed.

Spandan CS-10/CS-20
This PC based cardiac workstation combines resting & exercise ECG in one unit. PC based technology, digital signal acquisition module eliminates noise & gives distortion free ECG signal; Simultaneous acquisition & display of 12 lead raw ECG during the resting & exercise ECG mode; Full disclosure of all 12 leads for beat-by-beat analysis & extended documentation; User configured multiple report format for resting & exercise ECG; Facility to view, compare & print, average complex, ST graphs & tables of all leads for all stages.

CARDIOVIT® CS 200 Excellence
Dedicated exercise ECG with option of 12/16-lead ECG and advanced tools like Hyper Q, schiller echoview for instant visual ECG analysis & data changes particularly ST segment changes.

CARDIOVIT® CS 200 Excellence ErgoSpiro
Integrated 12-lead Exercise ECG with full disclosure analysis program with measurement and interpretation, Duke Treadmill Score, True breath-by-breath analysis of ErgoSpiro Test, Real time acquisition and capturing of dynamic Flow Volume for End Expiratory Volume Loops (EEVL) evaluation of ventilatory limitation, Display data and charts through standard Wasserman 9-panel plot or customized 9-Panel Graph, Automatical AT (VT1) and RCP (VT2) detection at the end of each test; Powerful post-test editing phase for data filtering, calculation of thresholds VT1, VT2, VO2max, V slope.

CARDIOVIT® CS-200 Office
PC based exercise ECG with automatic and manual ECG recording modes, selectable print formats automatic patient visit registration, pacemaker detection, patient editing/user defined print formats/patient, search function, PDF generation and export, dynamic protocol generator for exercise ECG, resting ECG re-measurement, Vector Loops (3D) software, arrhythmia detection /documentation software. Aquisition device MS12 does acquisition through Bluetooth or USB connectivity.

High performance resting come exercise 16-channel ECG system; 8.5-inch high-resolution multi-touchscreen for easy ECG review; Resting rhythm up to 20 minutes; ECG framer: 10 seconds resting ECG from resting rhythm; Hook-up adviser with color-coded waveforms and anatomical model; Lead reversal detection; Fast and secure bidirectional Wi-Fi communication; PDQ; Worklist.

All-in-one solution in lung function testing – portable/desktop spirometry for large and small healthcare providers. For portable or desktop use. Respiratory testing without a PC. Using ultrasound technology: highly accurate, maintenance-free and calibration-free. Disposable ScoutTubes for maximum hygiene and patient safety. The ScoutTubes are climate-neutral. FVC, SVC, MVV, Pre/Post testing, wide range of predicted normal values. High resolution built-in thermal printer. Color LCD – information displayed in real time. Incentive screen for pediatric spirometry. Easy export of Spirometry reports as PDF, to store on external media. Highly hygienic sealed keyboard keeping dust, dirt, and liquids out.

CARDIOVIT® CS-200 Office ErgoSpiro
Breath-by-breath gas exchange analysis (VE, VO2, VCO2) with unique maintenance-free ultrasonic cell for CO2 measurement; easy, quick and fully assisted calibration for highly accurate measurements; charts and data display through standard or user-defined 9 panel; Fully integrated 12-lead exercise ECG with wireless acquisition improves patient comfort;Full disclosure storage of unfiltered and continuous ECG signals; Resting ECG with ETM automatic interpretation; ETM sport for interpretation of athletes’ hearts.

Tremoflo C-100
Compact & portable device for use with laptop, tablet or PC; Fast and easy measurements as patient requires to breathe quietly; Patented oscillator technology breath through vibrating mesh; Works on forced oscillometry technique AOS technology.

Pulse Oximeter-Oxywave
Desktop pulse oximeter with smart pitch tone variation with saturation level, precise Nellcore technology, 24 hours trend.

Easy Pulse
Device used to perform mechanical, multidirectional chest compressions on patients suffering from acute cardiac arrest; Portable, battery-powered device that delivers high quality chest compressions automatically at consistent rate and depth as recommended by AHA.

Sana Sprint Plus
Cardiac rehabilitation and exercise system; Sana Sprint Plus is easy to use and incorporates multiple training programs, for rehabilitation of the patient’s physical fitness.Up to 16 Ergometer/Treadmills can be controlled using this application.

Skanray Technologies

Surgical imaging (C-arm): Skan C
High-frequency generator technology with near zero leakage radiation providing 3.5 kW power as a monoblock with proprietary radiation shielding technology. Ideal for use in all surgical applications like neurology, orthopaedic, urology, gastrointestinal, pain management, interventional & peripheral vascular etc. Excellent medical grade 1kx1k resolution images. Comes with 10.4-inch TFT LCD touch console. SkanC comes with laser aimer, virtual collimation, vascular mode, DSA, trace & roadmap features as standard. Enhancement features including digital zoom & contrast control for added viewing capabilities. Supports, DICOM 3, storage of over 100,000 images and compatible with major neuro-navigation and ESWL systems.

ESU: Surgiskan100
Electro surgical equipment: Microprocessor controlled. Smart feedback system. Monopolar & bipolar modes. Soft, desiccate & fulgurate coagulation. Bipolar coagulation with auto start. Automatic power regulation.

ESU: Surgiskan200
Electro surgical equipment: Microprocessor controlled. Smart feedback system. Pre-defined programs. Monopolar & bipolar modes. Soft, swift, force & spray coagulation. Dual output for monopolar coagulation. Split patient plate indicator. Bipolar coagulation with auto start. Automatic power regulation. Contact quality monitoring system.

Assisted home care: Skanlife dx100
Non-invasive ventilation with patient monitoring. 60 lpm high flow oxygen therapy. Continuous monitoring of ECG, SpO2, NiBP, temperature and heart rate. High pressure and low pressure oxygen concentrator input support. Integrated active humidifier. >2 hrs battery back-up. Intelligent alarms. Extended graphic waveform.

Assisted home care: Skanlife dx200
Non-invasive ventilation with continuous monitoring of ECG, SpO2, NiBP, temperature, and heart rate. High pressure and low pressure oxygen input support. Active humidifier. >2 hrs battery back-up, alarms. Integrated medical air compressor. Dedicated IoT-powered communication hub for remote health monitoring and emergency notification. Optional AED.

Pulse oximeter: Comet plus
Pulse oximeter (Nellcor™) with plethysmograph. Online SpO2 & PR graphical trend. Advanced alarm management system including SatSeconds™. Adult, paediatric, & neonatal applications.

Trivitron Healthcare

Elite/Infinity motorized digital C-arm
21 x 21 flat panel detector that enables better acquistion, Smart touch-based user Interface and handy tab selection menu, easy touch buttons for motorized movements, uncompromised image quality with edge-to-edge visibility. Wide intraoperative imaging applications in orthopaedic, trauma surgery, urology, pain management, gastro, neruo, pmr, interventional radiology and peripheral vascular surgery.

Elite/Infinity C-arm with flat panel technology
Flat panel detector that enables better acquisition with 16 bit image processing; World-class 5kW (Elite) & 3.5kW (Infinity) X-ray generator with ABS for optimized dose; Wide intraoperative imaging applications in orthopaedic, trauma surgery, urology, pain management, gastro, neruo, pmr, interventional radiology and peripheral vascular surgery; DSA – Digital Subtraction Angiography is used in vascular diagnostics.

Kiran surgical C-arm System (Infinity and Elite)
Infinity version with stationary anode and Elite version with rotating anode; Available with pulse, low dose, boost and single shot fluoroscopy; Compact design; 270⁰C-arm rotation on both sides, 125⁰orbital movement; High resolution image capture with digital zoom, real time image capture and USB memory stick support; AERB and BIS approved.

Advanced humidity control with minimum condensation; Proprietary anti-cross infection design without extra work on disinfection; Proprietary algorithm, monitoring nasal pressure and breath rate; Comply with higher safety standard for home use.

iVac 60
Housing: Powder coated anti corrosive MS; Jars: Polycarbonate 2 x 2.5 liters capacity; Overflow protection: Mechanical type; Tubing: Non-collapsible suction tubing.

iVac 40
Housing: Complete ABS (Plastic); Jars: Polycarbonate 2 x 2.0 liters capacity; Overflow protection: Mechanical type; Tubing: Non – collapsible suction tubing.

Anatomage virtual dissection table
Technologically advanced anatomy visualization system for anatomy education, the table contains both life-sized male and female gross anatomy. Including multiple full-body cadavers ensures that students are exposed to anatomical variations.

ST-win and arrhythmia detection; beat to beat data review; manual selection of enlarged median.

10, 20, 30, 60 minutes disclosure; auto/manual mode; Longest SCV tach, longest ST episode, max delta ST; multiple trends.

Kiran radiation protection apparels
Available in wide range of models and designs i.e. double sided, coat, surgical, skirt and vest, panoramic, dental aprons; thyroid/ovarian/gonad shields; each apparel is available in three core materials; leadlite, ultralite, zerolead; each apparel comes with a lead equivalence of 0.5, 0.35, and 0.25 mm.

Kiran’s radiation protective shields
Available in wide range of protective shield: Thyroid Shield – Harmony, Elegant, Classic, Slimline, Ultra-Slimline; Head Shield, Ovarian Shield, and Gonad Shield.

Kiran radiation protective accessories
Arm guard; leg guard; patient apron; CT shield; radshield; mobile storage systems and wall-mounted racks for aprons and shields; curtains; available in four core materials-leadlite, ultralite, zerolead, and zerolead air.

Kiran radiation protection gloves
Leaded gloves (duo and mittens) for active beam field; made of soft, pliable material, comfortable, non-sterile; lead-free, powder-free, disposable high-grip gloves for surgical procedures; available in different variants i.e. max, thin, ultra-thin, cath lab pro, latex-free.

Kiran radiation protection eyewear
European Lead glass with 0.75 mmPb lead equivalence absorbing 99% of radiation. Available in different variants i.e. Front, Front & Side, Fitover, Max 10, Aviators, Max 30.

Kiran anti-scatter grids
Complete range of anti-scatter grids i.e. standard, digital, bucky, and circular grids; excellent quality with superior K-factor and a low B-factor.

Kiran cassettes and screens
Cassettes with perfect film-screen contact, nitrogen-imploded open cell PU foam system, perfectly curved back door profile and textured surface, made of aviation grade aluminum; screens are durable with outstanding contrast, detail perception and reduction in X-ray dosage with a low mAs.

Felicia digital mammography system
Designed with a clear focus on the needs and comforts of patients & caregivers. It is a reliable & superior mammography solution that enables healthcare providers to deliver high quality patient care with highest diagnostic confidence. Designed in such a way that the overall mammogram experience is less painful for patients, easier for caregivers to handle the procedure and obtain high quality clinical images at a very low radiation dose.s/Lifescope G7:1700 series
Continuous neuromonitoring using compact 8-channel EEG module or wireless EEG headset AE-120A; Quick data review with various trends including Density Spectral Array (DSA), Compressed Spectral Array (CSA) and amplitude integrated EEG (aEEG); 15.6 or 19-inch high resolution, wide-viewing TFT color LCD display.

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