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Cath Labs

Cath Labs

Product listing of various models available in the Indian market, with detailed capabilities and features, by brand




Allengers Medical Systems


High powered ceiling suspended cath lab with flat panel detector (FPD) having swift and safe gantry movements in all directions

Altima F100/F 80/C100/C80

Fixed cathlabs with modular generator; movable C-gantry for flexible positioning; 80/100 kW generator for enhanced performance; procedure room monitors on either ceiling suspension or on trolley; detector/image intensifier options

BPL Medical Technologies 


Ultrasound: crystal signature (a single crystal technology) and high frequency probes available

EliteView EV15

Patient monitor: 15-inch high resolution display-touchscreen


Defibrillator: bi-phasic defibrillator with 7-inch color TFT screen. Optional enhancement: AED, NIBP, Masimo SpO2, either pacing or capnography (CO2)


Surgical diathermy: vessel sealing system, saline plasma bipolar resection, high performance diathermy modes available

Acura S1

Syringe pump: infusion modes: rate mode, time mode and drug/weight mode & inbuilt drug library

Acura V1

Volumetric pump: dual bolus modes: manual and automatic bolus

GE Healthcare

Innova IGS 520

A floor-mounted image-guided system for cardiovascular and electrophysiology procedures in the cath lab

Innova 2100

Provide an image-guided system for cardiovascular and interventional imaging

Philips Healthcare

Allura FC

Fixed C-arm stand for dedicated cardiovascular work; movable C-arm stand for flexible positioning during pacemaker implants and general work


Small foot print with 15-inch detector; three-side positioning flexibility of the movable C-arm stand combined with a mobile table adds to its clinical versatility

Allura XPer FD10

Digital 10-inch flat-panel detector ceiling mounted cath lab; better image contrast and sharpness, while minimizing noise for clear coronary angiography

Schiller Healthcare 

Radius XP (CCD&FD)

30 kW (21×21 cm/ 30x30cm) (CCD and flat detector); optional dual cooling; E-motion and dual power


Artis Zee

A proven and reliable system that delivers optimal image quality at lowest dose, letting optimize procedure mix, and invest with confidence

Shimadzu Medical India 

Trinias Unity Edition

Amazing real-time application for cardiac, peripheral, and abdomen; wide coverage C-arm; dose reduction and management

Trinias Unity Smart Edition

Amazing real-time application for cardiac, peripheral, and abdomen; wide coverage C-arm; dose reduction and management

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