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Consona N Series from Mindray Medical India Pvt. Ltd.

The field of medical imaging is rapidly evolving and Mindray has become the vanguard of this evolution with Consona N series. It is one of the most revolutionary shared service platform ultrasound systems that is powered by ZST+ technology. This state-of-the-art device is set to transform ultrasound imaging, empowering medical practitioners with these three core values:

  • Confident. Precision imaging;
  • Convenient. Enhanced workflow efficiency; and
  • Conducive. Unprecedented versatility.

ZST+ Technology – Transforming the ultrasound metrics.
Zone Sonography Technology or ZST+ technology is an extraordinary innovation that transforms ultrasound metrics from conventional beamforming to channel data-based processing.

These three core values make Consona N series a comprehensive clinical application solution.

It boasts ZST+ technology that delivers exceptional image quality. It offers:

  • Premium imaging platform;
  • Imaging performance enhancement, from Line-Scanning to Zone-Imaging; and
  • Scalable capacity, continuous upgrade free of charge.

The Consona Transducer Family has a wide clinical application coverage which enables:

  • Deeper penetration with details;
  • More imaging sensitivity; and
  • Support more dedicated clinical scenario.

It features advanced and outstanding imaging technology like PSH, iBeam, HD Scope, and HR Flow, which enhances image resolution, reduces artefacts, and optimizes image uniformity. This means that even the most subtle anatomical details are captured, empowering physicians to diagnose with confidence.

It is ergonomically designed to streamline workflows and improve overall efficiency in various application scenarios.

The visual display consists of an HD LED monitor with an enlarged imaging area that offers:

  • Eye-care UI design which reduces visual fatigue;
  • Intuitive icon and short-cut switch; and
  • Floating design that helps to operate with more agility and less limitation.

The control panel offers easy interaction and is adaptable to individual operation habits because of:

  • Less number of buttons with more features;
  • Easy to press and anti-fatigue rebound;
  • Height adjustable and rotatable horizontal; and
  • Waterproof and easy for daily disinfection.

It also contains:

  • Magnetic front cover for tidy cable management and transducer connector & port protection;
  • Footrest that helps to scan freely in a comfortable sitting posture; and
  • It offers more space for peripherals and sundries storage, easy to put in/pick out.

It delivers a seamless user experience which makes it convenient to use.

It is designed for a hospital or clinic or a healthcare professional who is trying to hone their skills, with highly powerful tools to keep you ahead.

  • Scan Tutor: iScanHelper is an intuitive tutorial tool with corresponding interaction information that allows one to practice skills by following the guidance step by step.
  • Hands-On Scanning Practice: Smart Vue is an auto recognition of a standard plane that restores the standard plane automatically, saving operation time.
  • Scanning Standardization: iWorks is a standardized protocol, scanning step by step without plane omission.

With its unparalleled versatility, infinite imaging solutions and enhanced efficiency, Consona N Series is the apt rendition of “Concrete to Resonate.”

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