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SKANSIESTA PRO from Skanray Technologies

Pro – technology made with trust! Every hospital OT needs expert clinicians along with PRO machines, that guarantee the safety of the patients.

Skansiesta Pro is a low-flow anesthesia workstation equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring excellence in all aspects. The system is available in two versions:

  • With a manual flow meter; and
  • With a digital electronic flow meter along with a total fresh gas flow meter, enabling precise control of the fresh gas flow.

Additionally, users have the choice of two fresh gas balance patterns: (i) Air + O2, and (ii) O2 + N2O, allowing for fine-tuning of the fresh gas ratio to achieve optimal density levels. Skansiesta Pro boasts a compact footprint with an ergonomic design.

The system offers a tidal volume range of 20 ml to 1600 ml, serving both pediatric and adult patients. It includes advanced modes like PSV and Volume Guarantee for efficient management of critical patients. The system minimizes oxygen wastage by using ‘AIR’ as the driving gas, optimizing patient oxygen consumption. With a user-friendly 10.4-inch touchscreen display, it provides easy access to adjustable parameters and monitors 12+ critical ventilation parameters.

Skansiesta Pro offers specific techniques such as inspiratory and expiratory Hold, enabling clinicians to evaluate the inherent lung compliance of patients. These manoeuvres are beneficial for pre-operative assessments and provide clinicians with valuable insights for configuring various parameter values. The system provides three waveforms, two loops, and an event log, presenting real-time data and comprehensive alarm history for reference. The device supports high-flow oxygen therapy of up to 50 l/min, facilitating patient recovery during the post-operative stage.

The design of Skansiesta Pro incorporates a noteworthy feature—an internal 3-litre oxygen reservoir equipped with a lock-in mechanism. This reservoir serves as a backup oxygen source in case of emergencies or sudden depletion of the central line oxygen supply. In such situations, the O2 reservoir ensures uninterrupted ventilation for the patient, allowing the surgical procedure to proceed seamlessly.

Skansiesta Pro incorporates a 1.3 kg soda lime canister with an auto-bypass feature. If the soda lime unexpectedly depletes during the surgery, the canister must be refilled promptly. During the 10-minute refill process, the system will automatically bypass the path of fresh gas and ensure continued ventilation. This allows surgeons to proceed with the surgery seamlessly without any interruption.

The Skansiesta Pro features an active anaesthesia scavenging system designed to eliminate anesthetic gases directly from the patient’s connection to the anesthesia machine. This system utilizes an air mixer, AGS (Anaesthesia Gas Scavenging) outlet pipeline, and AGS exhauster to ensure a clean and gas-free environment in operation theatres, promoting a safe atmosphere during procedures.

Skansiesta Pro has another feature known as the cardiac bypass procedure. This feature automatically adjusts the high and low alarm limits of the configured parameters, preventing unnecessary panic situations during cardiac procedures.

It includes a built-in lithium-ion battery that enables up to 2 hours of operation under normal conditions or 30 minutes in emergencies.

Skansiesta Pro is accompanied by Star 90, an advanced premium monitor that offers a range of sophisticated features. These include LoSat, IPI, OXYCRG, drug dose calculation, ST segment, and arrhythmia analysis, empowering users to handle patients in a highly advanced manner. Star 90 ensures seamless connectivity with USB, HDMI, IABP interface, Central Nursing Station Interface, and HL7 support for HIS interface. Furthermore, the vendor’s patented IBP zeroing cable technology provides added comfort to users during patient treatment, enhancing the overall user experience.

The combination of Skansiesta PRO and STAR 90 offers an exceptional technological experience for clinical personnel. It embraces the future by utilizing advanced technology to shape the future of healthcare.

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