DRX-Ascend System from Carestream Health

Carestream Health India’s DRX-Ascend System is designed for small to mid-size hospital radiology departments, imaging centers, clinics, and specialists’ offices. The DR system offers a versatile, floor-mounted tube stand, and a wide and elevating float-top table with a patient weight capacity of 295 kg.

The system’s floor-mounted design saves space and reduces installation costs, while the wireless, cassette-size DRX detector provides exceptional X-ray positioning flexibility. The DRX detector can be moved from the wall stand to the table and can handle tabletop exams. Higher volume facilities may want to use two detectors to enhance productivity. The DRX-Ascend features innovative TechVision technology that allows technologists to view digital radiography exams, change generator techniques, and preview images using a touch panel screen mounted on the tube stand. Allowing a technologist to remain at the patient’s side during the exam simultaneously enhances care and productivity.  The DRX detectors can be shared with room-based and mobile imaging systems to make the most of the capital investment. For example, a hospital could use the DRX detector in its mobile X-ray system for early morning portable exams and then place it in the DRX-Ascend system for daytime imaging studies.   

The DRX-Ascend System is well-suited for smaller rooms, imaging centers, and orthopedic applications. This floor-mounted DR system delivers high-end features at an affordable price.

“One of the prime challenges experienced by DR customers is the anxiety of an inevitable damage to the detector. To take your mind off it, Carestream provides a protection plan that covers such damages. Furthermore, unlike ambiguous marketing terminologies such as waterproof, Carestream’s detectors have an Ingress Protection (IP) rating that rates the degree of solid and liquid intrusion and provides more detailed information to the customers. Right now, the industry may not be aware about this rating, but in the near future, it will be a key decision making factor. Think of it this way – the reason we are able to provide these features is because we are fully confident of the robustness and reliability of our products. Then again, our DRX Core detector provides the best-in-class resolution and superior diagnostic image quality, enabling our customers to be able to provide confident diagnosis.  It is a win-win situation for all.”

Edwin Pinto
Business Manager,

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