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ECO TRACK-DRF from Allengers Medical Systems Ltd.

Digital radiography and fluoroscopy are non-invasive and safe imaging techniques used to diagnose and create optimal treatment paths for various medical conditions. Digital radiography helps diagnose bone fractures, pulmonary diseases apart from other conditions affecting the skeletal and other body systems. Fluoroscopy helps visualize the movement of internal organs in realtime.

Traditionally, fluoroscopy equipment operation requires a special room just like radiographic equipment. But using Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy (DRF) systems helps better space utilization as one can record both fluoroscopy and radiography sequences giving better workflow and increased productivity. Allengers Eco Track-DRF incorporates cutting-edge technology giving exceptional quality imaging and helping clinicians achieve high customer satisfaction. The device gives the benefits of multi-modality application (RF/DX) lowering the cost and infrastructure requirements of two different machines and rooms. Eco Track-DRF System allows accurate and precisionbased diagnostics for enhanced efficiency and safety. It empowers healthcare professionals with superior imaging convenience to get optimized treatment outcomes.

Full-fledged DX/ RF
Eco Track-DRF is helpful for different kinds of applications including general radiographic imaging, orthopaedic imaging, urological examinations, gastrointestinal examinations, gynae examinations, etc. The machine has multiple auto-tracking modes whereby the x-ray tube tracks the detectors on vertical bucky, table bucky (in table horizontal 0o and vertical 90o positions) and also allows oblique tracking. Vertical bucky stand is helpful to carry out general radiography procedures such as chest x-rays while the horizontal table bucky allows carrying out all types of fluoroscopy procedures in lying down and standing positions. The table in the 90° position is helpful in carrying out special investigations such as barium studies and procedures like RGU/MCU (Retrograde Urethrogram and Micturating Cystogram). The auto-tracking feature also allows an anti-clockwise table rotation at 12º for certain procedures where a patient should be in the head-down position.

Advanced features for user-friendly & smooth workflow

  • Automatic positioning. The machine positions automatically (equipped with six servo motor movements for easy and precise position) and aligns itself for a view per the selected study/investigation requirements.
  • Automatic stitching. Eco Track-DRF automatically stitches the image from head to toe. It proves helpful in scoliosis imaging procedures.
  • Dual-energy exposure. This feature helps in selectively imaging two clinically relevant tissues, such as soft tissue and bone tissue (as in chest X-rays).

13.3-inch capacitive touchscreen over the tube provides ready access to patient information, image preview, and machine parameters e.g., SID tube and table angle. Eco Track-DRF’s movements can be controlled from the examination and the console room giving operators complete radiation protection. The contactless anticollision system helps enhance patient and operator safety during x-ray tube movements. This advanced Eco Track-DRF system features a trolley with an integrated keyboard with feather touch keys and a touchpad. automatic exposure control system automatically controls the dose per the patient density and digital DAP helps in patient dose monitoring. Apart from standard accessories like hand grip, compression device, footrest, footswitch, console table, one can also choose optional accessories like the additional RF Workstation equipped with a high-resolution monitor for image viewing, processing and printing. Eco Track-DRF is completely DICOM 3.0 compatible and can be seamlessly integrated with other medical systems. A two-way intercom system allows communication with patients during the procedures. Eco Track-DRF is not only a versatile imaging system which empowers medical professionals for safer examinations with maximum application coverage but is also a cost-effective investment to get highly accurate precision-based imaging. For more information, visit our website

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