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Hyderabad: All major govt, private hospitals use robotic-based equipment

Just half a decade ago, robotic procedures were limited to corporate hospitals in Hyderabad. At the time, robotic surgical technology was unique, with just a few skilled surgeons who could operate on the patient while operating the robotic arm from a workstation.

Fast forward to 2024, and all major government and private hospitals in hyderabad use robotic-based equipment to perform surgery. While private hospitals in the city first led the way in introducing the technology, the then-BRS government, through its enormous medical infrastructure investment, guaranteed that government institutions did not fall behind the technology curve.

In the last year or two, all government tertiary institutions in hyderabad, including gandhi Hospital, MNJ cancer Hospital, NIMS, and MGM government Hospital in Warangal, have been outfitted with robotic devices to assist surgeons. Because of its adaptability, robotic technology is effectively used in a wide range of medical applications by many medical departments in both private and public institutions.

While doctors at MNJ government cancer Hospital used the technology to remove tumors, senior surgeons at private institutions such as the Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology (AINU) in hyderabad used robotic technology to perform 1,000 urology and nephrology procedures. Last year at NIMS, the BRS government launched a high-end robotic system costing Rs 35 crore.

“Robotic surgery might be useful and significantly more successful in isolating and eliminating cancers in patients. However, doing robotic procedures necessitates significant capacity expansion. Our surgeons traveled to numerous tertiary institutions throughout the country to learn from specialists on how to perform robotic surgery,” Dr Jayalatha, director of MNJ cancer Hospital, explained.

Dr C Mallikarjuna, a senior urologist and AINU MD stated that robotic surgery technology was significantly more successful than traditional surgical methods. “The accuracy of robotic surgery enables the targeted excision of tumors while maintaining the bulk of the kidney. “This is in stark contrast to traditional methods, which may require the removal of the entire kidney,” he stated. India Herald

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