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Jupiter Hospital launches advanced handheld robotic system

Surgeons across Jupiter Hospital in Mumbai, Pune as well as Indore will now perform knee replacement surgeries using the most advanced technology in surgeon-controlled, handheld robotics backed by real intelligence. Jupiter Hospital has launched CORI Surgical System by Smith and Nephew for knee replacement. This new addition will be seen as a boon to patients needing a knee replacement, as it offers customized joint replacement surgery basis patient’s unique anatomy.

Speaking about Robotic Surgery, Chairman and Managing Director of Jupiter Hospital, Dr Ajay Thakker said, “At Jupiter Hospitals we aim at using the best available technology for best outcomes ensuring patient safety, effective treatment and their wellbeing. The second-generation advanced robotic surgery offers more accuracy, better mobility and improved early functional recovery leading to a shorter hospital stay for the patient after surgery”.

The robot helps with pre-surgical planning using 3-D imaging which helps to ensure the correct sizing and positioning of the implant. Hence the newly replaced joint fits more precisely, causing less or no damage to the healthy part of the joint.

The cutting of the bone is done by the robot which makes it a very precise job with no scope for human error. The alignment of the implant is also done by the surgeon on the console and this makes the alignment much more precise than what is achieved by human skills.

The surgery is a minimal invasive procedure. The patient is on his/ her feet from the 2nd day of the surgery and intensive physiotherapy is given during the stay at the hospital. \

Furthermore, advanced robot-based knee replacement surgery also facilitates the preservation of healthier bone along with protecting the surrounding soft tissues at the surgical site. The CORI Surgical System is designed to offer accuracy, value, and freedom at the cutting edge of robotics-assisted surgery; thus helping surgeons improve outcomes and patient satisfaction in knee surgery.
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