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My Vision – Adopting Make in India as an integral philosophy to our principles

Allengers has been serving the global imaging industry for more than 37 years, with efficient and economical solutions catering to medical diagnostic equipment.

With over three decades of experience, ever-increasing knowledge, and forethought, we aim to support clinicians achieve maximum clinical workflow efficiency as the requirement of our end-users matters the most to us. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we also aim to ensure their investment brings efficiency, value, and real-time results for effective clinical decision-making for formulating treatment plans for better patient outcomes.

Adopting Make in India as the guiding principle/benchmark, we are very much progressive in the direction not only from today but since our inception. Make in India embodies ease-of-doing-business as the single most important factor, for which we have been taking multiple initiatives in the entire life cycle of our business processes. We intend to bring about a paradigm shift in the way Indian products are ranked amongst the international brands. We are not only expanding our manufacturing facilities but are modernizing them as well thus within a short period we have augmented our manufacturing capacity to handle the ever increasing demand. But to incorporate modern state-of-the-art technology for now and the future, we need to equally upgrade our thought process first to formulate a road map for best practices, and we are on track.

Allengers’ credibility has also grown stronger due to a diverse product basket for various application needs in the domain of radiology, orthopedics, cardiology, urology, neurology, medical software, etc. This credibility is strengthened by the confidence and belief of our ever-increasing customer base at both domestic and international level.

Amongst our team of 1500-plus, there is visible momentum and enthusiasm to excel in their respective spheres with the sole objective to make Allengers the No. 1 company at an international platform. This is due to the insurmountable vision of our Chairman Mr. Suresh Sharma. His energy and optimism has put each one of us also to adopt his principles and active attitude to overcome any hurdles in the accomplishment of a common vision to make Allengers not only No. 1 but make it the most respectable company in its segment.

Success seems to be connected with action, and we have always moved on despite many challenges. Each passing year has given us challenges to raise the bar a little higher than before, whether in terms of product quality, product aesthetics, value for money/product pricing, timely deliveries, satisfactory services, etc.

With the ever-increase in the demand and changing demographics of the medical equipment market related to various modalities, it’s all the more important to also keep an open eye for the future of higher technologically advanced products due to fast-approaching technologies like AI and machine learning, for which we too are on track.

Allengers has always keenly adopted and incorporated the latest technology and innovations. In our endeavor to offer our healthcare industry customers the best tools for radiography, cardiology, orthopedics, etc., we have come up with FPD-based systems with multiple mechanical combinations. These modern devices are designed to offer various benefits to medical practices, facilitating efficiency in giving quality care and treatment to patients at significantly low radiation doses.

Due to our in-house R&D, QC setups and well-structured manufacturing facilities, we are not only transforming our processes to enhance healthcare delivery through modern technology but are also adaptive to provide tailor made economical solutions in order to lower the costs for providers and patients. Thus also controlling the escalating cost of healthcare which are rising dramatically and which has been a major concern and a continuous challenge for all stakeholders due to the growing population and exponential jump in the burden of diseases.

In closing, the vision of Allengers is not a solitary pursuit; it is a shared journey that encompasses all stakeholders, including the esteemed medical community, our channel partners, and our dedicated team. It is their unwavering support that propels us to create masterpieces of innovation and application, and to be recognized as an enterprise that is unwavering in its commitment to quality, even in the face of challenges.

As Michelangelo said, “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”

Wishing everyone a healthy life! 

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