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Poly Medicure Ltd. – A global medical technology company – Made in India for the world

Poly Medicure Ltd. (Polymed) was established in 1995 and commenced manufacturing operations in 1997 with a small team and in a challenging business environment, but with a clear vision to serve people through cutting-edge healthcare solutions.

Today, Polymed is among India’s top manufacturers of medical devices and our company’s robust distribution network clearly indicates our position as one of the major MedTech players worldwide.

The company successfully serves the medical community, attributing to its strong commitment to the core values of integrity, ownership, care, learning, and inclusivity.

Having started with a handful of employees, Polymed has gradually reached a team of more than 3000 working in 12 manufacturing facilities, one R&D center, and offices across the globe. They manufacture over 1 billion medical devices per year in accordance with the most recent global standards.

With a financial turnover of ₹1104.33 crore in 2022-23, Polymed has over 370 global patents, the company has achieved a unique position as an innovative company designing and making medical devices for India and the globe.

Currently, its portfolio, consists of oncology, infusion and vascular access, gastroenterology, molecular diagnostics, urology, critical care, renal care and dialysis, anesthesia and respiratory care, surgery and wound drainage, blood management and blood collection systems as its main line of products.

As the world is heading toward a net-zero carbon initiative, sustainability is critical to Polymed’s ideology. Some key initiatives are reducing water consumption by replacing cooling towers, using STP water in gardening, using solar power to reduce power consumption, and reducing HSD consumption by minimizing HT line fault.

With a focus on sustainability, its mission is to reduce carbon footprint by 30 percent by 2030.

Recently, Polymed has bagged some of the most prestigious awards – India Medical Devices Leader of the Year 2022, and Medical Device Company of the Year 2018 by the Department of Pharmaceuticals, Government of India and Top 25 Innovative Companies of India Award by CII. Polymed has also made it to the highly coveted Fortune “The Next 500 Companies in India” list for 3 years in a row. Indeed, Polymed has successfully fulfilled its promise of delivering safe, quality, and innovative medical devices to the medical community for 26 years.

Major Products
Safety closed IV catheter system: Nuovo Safety Set;

IV cannulas: Nuovo Protekt, Polysafety Adva;

IV sets: Autofusion;

Prefilled syringe: Polyflush;

Mini mid lines: Polylead;

Needle-free connector: Micro Polysyte Clear;

Central venous catheters;

N95 masks: Polymask;

Urine collection bags, and blood bags;

Blood collection needles: Haem-O-Flash;

Blood collection tubes: Hemocheck;

Dialyzer: Haem-O-Flux;

Dialysis machine: Dial-Ezee;

Blood lines: Haem-O-Line;

Insulin syringe.

Rapid diagnostic kits: HIV, HCV, HBV, S. typhi, dengue, malaria, Covid antigen, Covid RT-PCR, RNA extraction;

Other products: ECG electrodes, insulin syringes, sputum collector, dry brush, umbilical cord clamps, luer lock, cannula fixator, injection stopper, luer lock injection site, universal cap, etc.

Major markets: India, Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia.

Group of employment: 3000+

No. of plants: 12 manufacturing plants across 3 continents

No. of offices: India, USA, China, Italy. 

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