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MyHealthcare launches single screen EMR

MyHealthcare on Tuesday announced the launch of India’s first single-screen EMR, a system that allows doctors, and clinicians to enter all medical records of a patient encounter on a single screen.

“The system aims to help doctors experience a more efficient and painless approach to delivering value-based care by offering an EMR platform that promises fewer clicks, faster workflows, and the ability to truly work on one screen,” the company claims.

According to MyHealthcare, the Single Screen EMR has been built with a high level of configuration that allows doctors to design their own process workflows with a click of a button while treating patients in multiple scenarios be it in an OPD or virtually.

“The MyHealthcare single screen EMR has a built-in CDSS (Clinical Decision Support System) through which the doctor can view the patient’s history that is captured with the help of the EMR. The MyHealthcare single screen EMR gives doctors the flexibility to use its proprietary voice to text wherever they wish. A CDSS based care protocol library provides doctors with structured templates to better and more effective patient care experience. The MyHealthcare Single Screen EMR comes with one of the largest structured drug formulary and library of diagnostics tests and procedures. The care protocol library has been designed based on evidence based research from ICMR , American College of Cardiology and other such institutions,” it stated.

“We see a future where most clinical decisions will be made computationally and would be data-driven. For medicine to eventually become personalised, it will need to be supported by a platform that empowers a clinician’s medical workflow. Our single screen EMR platform has been designed with the physician workflow in mind from the ground up and through this we hope to see increases in efficiency and accuracy of clinical documentation, while simultaneously reducing the workload of physicians. I expect this platform to become ubiquitous within the healthcare system where providers and hospitals would both want and need it,” Divya Laroyia, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, MyHealthcare said in a statement.

The Single Screen EMR provides a complete view of a patient’s medical history, with AI based analytics of their vital records, pathology data, including clinical markers to help doctors with their clinical decisions.

“The MyHealthcare Single Screen EMR has been designed based on months of research with doctors in understanding their pattern of treatment and ensuring the EMR fits their care path flows. The MyHealthcare Single Screen EMR is highly configurable, allowing doctors to set up, customise their EMR screens as per their requirements,” it stated.

“The uniqueness of the MyHealthcare single screen EMR is that it is uses AI and ML components that provide the doctors data in the right sequence assisting in the diagnosis and at the same time creating a rich library of data which can be accessed at all times with a click or just a simple keyword search. With the flexibility and configurability that we are giving with our Single Screen EMR, we believe that its adoption will be almost 90% and above,” Dr Poorva Nandedkar, AVP and Head of Clinical Transformation, MyHealthcare said.

“At MyHealthcare we are committed to use technology advancements to improve quality of healthcare delivery, the MyHealthcare Single Screen EMR is a significant step towards this vision.” added Dr Poorva Nandedkar. What News

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