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New Machine to Flag Cervical Cancer Risk

A machine that alerts doctors about the risk of cervical cancer in women before the disease manifests, was launched at the Cancer Institute (WIA) in Adyar by the hospital chairperson Dr V Shanta. Cervical cancer is among the top two cancers in women across the country. The burden of cervical cancer remains high, although it is preventable, oncologists said. “Women are at a higher risk of cancer. Cancers of reproductive organs form a substantial part of them. Although incidence of cervical cancer has come down over the last decade, the number of women diagnosed with the disease is still high,” said Dr Shanta. The machine can test the nuclear DNA of the causative agent, Human Papillomavirus (HPV). “The machine can test the presence of the infectious agent through the DNA. A positive HPV DNA means high risk,” said Shravan Subramaniyam, MD of Roche Diagnostics India Ltd, which manufactured the machine. – TOI

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