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Nihon Kohden Vismo PVM-4700 series

It is essential to provide effective patient care with precise analysis of patient information. The new Vismo PVM-4700 series of bedside monitors allows effective monitoring by assessing problems and showing guidance on how to solve them on-screen. Suitable for all clinical settings, the PVM-4700 series gives peace of mind in patient care. In addition to standard Nihon Kohden’s technologies like ec1 arrhythmia analysis for advanced arrhythmia detection and filtering of ECG signals, NPi algorithm for enhanced SpO2 measurements during motion artifacts, low perfusion and PWTT (pulse wave transit time) triggered non-invasive blood pressure measurement during sudden blood pressure change of the patient.

The PVM-4700 is power packed with Nihon Kohden advanced technologies contributing to increasing patient safety and redefining quality of care with non-invasive hemodynamic parameters such as:
esCCO (estimated continuous cardiac output) to determine the cardiac output using PWTT and standard monitoring parameters–ECG, SpO2, and NIBP. esCCO provides real-time, continuous and non-invasive cardiac output measurement alongside the familiar vitals sign parameters and it is a very effective cost-saving solution because it has no additional running costs or accessories (Optional).

iNIBP which uses unique algorithm to measure non-invasive blood pressure during inflation, it provides fast and painless measurement of NIBP.
New, simple yet important hemodynamic parameters such as shock index (SI) and rate pressure product (RPP) can be calculated to support safer monitoring. SI helps clinicians in evaluation of hemorrhagic shock in emergency care; in obstetrics whereas RPP which is the indicator of stress put on cardiac muscle is important parameter for cardiac rehabilitation, dental surgeries.
To ensure quality of care during sedation, Nihon Kohden’s ultra-compact and lightweight CO2 sensors Cap-One for capnography provides CO2 monitoring for both intubated and non-intubated patients. Cap-One sensors are highly durable which will change your image of mainstream sensors being easy to break.

Vismo is equipped with a 10.4-inch touch panel display suitable for use in critical areas and hospital wards. It is designed to be easy to clean in order to satisfy increasing demands for hygiene management. The newly-installed simple menu screen summarizes frequently used keys, and the guide screen with illustrations that has been well-received in the past has made it easier to understand how to operate and deal with technical alarms.


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