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XQ-320 from Sysmex India Pvt Ltd

Sysmex, a front runner in In-vitro diagnostics in India has acquired market leadership in hematology with more than 20,000 successful installations across India with customer base starting from smaller stand-alone pathology laboratories to India’s largest sample processing labs. Sysmex analyzers are preferred choice and used by pathology labs since 1993, the year in which Sysmex started selling their quality products in India through their distribution network. Over the years and with advance quality products, Sysmex customer base and acceptance increased in India manifolds.

Sysmex always hears from customers and incorporates their feedback and requirements in the analyzers through extensive R&D.

Sysmex is proud and incredibly excited to announce the launch of its much awaited and most advanced 3-part hematology analyzer; XQ-320.

India:3-PDA market segment
The 3-part differential hematology market is a high-volume segment with more than 10,000 analyzers sold per year. Due to their simplicity, 3-part differential analyzers continue to be cost-efficient devices for developing healthcare systems. For small hospitals, clinics and physician offices that conduct sophisticated testing, 3-part hematology analyzer system is the best option.

The new XQ-320 is designed to bring quality hematology testing to as many sites as possible in this highly diverse market segment. XQ-320 is equipped with a multitude of different features allowing it to meet the diverse needs of the various types of laboratories in healthcare facilities. The XQ-320 offers a great solution as it can be used as a stand-alone device, for instance for physician’s office laboratories, or as a supplementation in more complex facilities such as bigger hospitals where 3-part differential analyzers quickly provide results for example in emergency rooms, on specialized wards or other rapid-response diagnostic settings.

While keeping the proven technology of the XP-300, new features have been added in the recently launched 5-part differential analyzers, such as a large touch screen, the user interface, and the flagging messages. The results correlate well with the flagship XN-Series.

XQ-320 is an open-tube 3-part differential analyzer with a space-conscious design, very little maintenance, and flexible options for connectivity. A multitude of useful features allow it to fit in all kinds of laboratory environments and do the needed job, with excellence. Numerical values, histograms, and flags on a single screen enable convenient result interpretation while the advanced QC settings of XQ-320 support in fulfilling regulatory requirements.

Time is of essence and regulations are becoming more and more strict, especially in working areas like ERs, ICUs, and other rapid-response scenarios. XQ-320 finds the balance between these requirements that make those areas special. With many different users operating the system, logging in is simple, without compromising on safety. Also catering for special needs in terms of regulations, XQ-320 offers a range of functions related to quality control and patient data safety, some of which can be optionally activated depending on the area.

Key features

  • 20 parameters including a dedicated neutrophil count – Screening of bacterial infection;
  • Very low aspiration volume of 16 µL;
  • No daily maintenance required – only one weekly shutdown;
  • Easy-to-perform QC – conveniently scan all QC parameters in one go;
  • Flagging system with 20 messages, providing more in-depth information about potential abnormalities detected by the analyzer;
  • Network capability, 5,00,000 data storage;
  • Throughput up to 70 samples per hour;
  • Large colored LCD touch screen of 10.4-inch; and
  • New Quality Control security feature which complies with ISO 22870.

With the XQ-320 analyzer, Sysmex continues to provide quality solutions for all its hematology customers, from the smallest to the biggest laboratory.

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