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Yumizen G800 from HORIBA Medical

Coagulation analyzers determines blood clots and helps in detection of clotting deficits associated with thrombocytopenia, thromboembolic disease, hemophilia, liver function, von Willebrand disease, and other disorders by measuring the clotting mechanisms of hemostasis.

In recent years, hemostasis testing has become essential in laboratories. Rising incidence of cardiovascular illnesses and blood disorders has impact on the coagulation analyzer market in the coming time.

Another important factor driving the expanding use of blood coagulation analyzers is growing senior population, rising obesity rates, technological developments, advancements, rising healthcare costs, optimization in testing facilities and increasing awareness of health-care system around the world.

Emerging markets with the prevalence of cardiovacsular risk factors, diabetes, hypertension, hemorrhages, autoimmune process and growing reagent rental business on the other hand will provide significant chances for the blood coagulation analyzer market to grow further. The Covid-19 situation has also paced up the progress in coagulation market with increased testing of D-dimer.

Coagulation testing demands a lot of expertise and dedication while performing the test manually. With the lack of skilled healthcare professionals and addition of specialized testing like Lupus anticoagulant and ristocetin co-factor, the need for automation in hemostasis analyzers has increased.

Coagulation testing has an important outcome, therefore accuracy becomes most desirable parameter for any analyzer to deliver.

HORIBA Medical provides a comprehensive range of hemostasis reagents and systems, the “Yumizen G range” including semi-automated and fully automated analyzers. These ranges allow screening and assessment of bleeding disorders, monitoring of anticoagulation therapy.

The automatic benchtop hemostasis analyzer “Yumizen G800” is designed to perform routine and specialized hemostasis testing to support faster and reliable diagnosis for laboratories with mid-size workloads.

The system is based on optical measurement principle with dynamics checks which allows simultaneous measurement of different parameters with faster turnaround time making it reliable for hemostasis testing in laboratory. It has 4 independent measuring channels which works on nephelometry, immunogenic assay and chromogenic assay.

Nephelometry is based on the measurement of light scattered by clotting assay. It is performed at 640 nm. The tests which can be performed are prothrombin time, activated prothrombin time, fibrinogen, thrombin time, Factor assays (II, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII), Protein S and Lupus anticoagulant.

Immunological assays are performed on turbidimetry method and is based on the lost intensity due to the light absorption. It is measured at 570 nm and there are 2 channels available to perform D-dimer in Yumizen G800.

The chromogenic assay is performed on colorimetry method which is based on the measurement of the light intensity passing through the colored reaction. It is measured at 405 nm. 3 channels are there to perform AT, Protein C, APC, APC-R.

High throughput of Yumizen G800 analyzer (PT 160 test/hour and APTT 70 test/hour) ensures not only speed but maintains the accuracy and precision of testing. Easy to use software with graphs and multi calibration curve makes the instrument reliable and flexible. Rerun and reflex feature while testing of samples addresses the requirement of customer.

HORIBA Medical also offers comprehensive and high quality Yumizen G reagents with different pack sizes which are universal for semi-automatic and fully automatic range.

With Yumizen G800 series HORIBA Medical excels the capabilities of hemostasis testing. The automation of analyzer ensures the delivery of patient results with accuracy and precision. Advancement of hardware and software features in fully automated systems enables to use multiple tests with reproducibility of test results, along with flexibility in testing menu.

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