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CAL 8000 and SAL 6000 from Mindray

While laboratory automation is becoming the norm, many health facilities and clinics are still limited to standalone hematology analyzers and manual blood smears, mainly due to restricted space as well as tight budget for the costly, massive automation line.

  Mindray being a reputed manufacturer across the globe is responsive to this need of the end user. Mindray already had high volume testing standalone instruments and also modular systems such as CAL 8000 for hematology and SAL 6000 for chemistry. Keeping in view our vision of Healthcare within Reach, we have introduced, Mindray’s CAL 8000 cellular analysis line, which marks a higher level of Mindray’s expertise and innovative power in the high-end hematological area. Its more compact size, upgraded LabXpert data analysis software, flexible layout design options, one-stop CBC+CRP+HAb1c  test  plus automated blood smear functionality, and other advanced features, make it a desirable cellular analysis solution for high-volume modern laboratories.

CAL 8000 is a hematology workstation which can deliver the sample tubes into different instruments by track and perform automatic slide making and staining with LabXpert, which is a middleware software interface. CAL 8000 also provides modularity, which enables integration of the standalone unit BC-6800 auto hematology analyzer with an SC-120 slide maker and stainer, with a trolley as cellular analysis line.

Mindray has recently launched SAL 6000, serum automation line which is a high-functioning integrated system connecting seamlessly the chemistry analyzer BS-800M with the chemiluminescence immunology analyzer CL-2000i. By delivering fast, reliable results of both clinical chemistry and immunology tests on one platform, the system is designed to optimize your laboratory workflow and achieve maximum efficiency.  With up to 240 tests per hour for immunology tests and up to 1200 tests per hour for chemistry tests, the SAL 6000 improves efficiency substantially while ensuring the accuracy of both tests.

We wish automation solves more questions, asked by labs and helps them being more efficient.

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