Cobas m 511 Analyzer, a New Era in Hematology Testing

Roche has introduced the cobas m 511 integrated hematology analyzer, featuring patented Bloodhound technology, which is designed to address the challenges of hematology testing by combining a cell counter, slide maker and stainer, and a digital morphology analyzer into one integrated solution.

Now, laboratories can report the complete blood count (CBC), white blood cell differential, and reticulocyte results, and prepare, stain, and analyze blood smears for abnormal results through a single, integrated process.

Compared to current flow-based technologies, the cobas m 511 analyzer provides additional opportunities to improve the sensitivity and consistency of results by identifying, counting, and categorizing white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets and then presenting the digital images of all these cell types. This enables medical technologists to concentrate their time on classifying abnormal cells within patient samples.

Additional benefits of this automation and digitalization include reducing the need for resource-intensive microscope reviews and sample handling, easy collaboration for challenging cases through remote connectivity, and delivering quicker results, which ultimately aid patient diagnoses. The cobas m 511 analyzer uses the patented Bloodhound technology for printing, staining, and imaging. This technology uses only 30 µL of blood to print a monolayer onto the slide, stains with an improved method for further analysis of the morphology, and enables classification of cells displayed on a viewing station.

Contrary to the commonly used indirect methods in blood analysis today – primarily impedance and flow cytometry – the cobas m 511 images individual cells directly. Based on these direct images, the Bloodhound technology counts, analyses morphology, and then classifies cells in the viewing area to provide a standard CBC, five-part differential, and reticulocyte count.

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