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Excited about the opportunities in 2023

Carestream is entering 2023 with a stronger vision for long-term growth and more flexibility to deliver innovative solutions that will help address the challenges faced by different stake holders involved.

In medical imaging, the solutions we deliver are rooted in our deep understanding of the radiology profession. Through this lens, we pursue and develop innovative products that have quantifiable benefits to our customers and their patients:

  • Our renowned image quality helps improve clinical outcomes. We continually advance our software, applying artificial intelligence and other software tools, to help radiologists make a more informed diagnosis.
  • We help you lower costs by designing systems with an eye toward the future. Our X-ray rooms feature scalable designs and modular components – while our upgradeable technology helps minimize costs associated with technology obsolescence.
  • We excel at understanding imaging workflow, and we continue to deliver cutting-edge products that help make X-ray image capture more efficient and reliable.
  • Our DR rooms, mobile imaging systems, and detectors are infused with ergonomic features to lessen the strain of the image-capture process, while powerful software architecture helps radiographers capture the best image possible.
  • We help improve patient comfort. The same workflow features that make the image-capture process more efficient and easier on radiographers translate to quicker exams and increased patient satisfaction.

The DRX compass is a new edition to the full-room DR portfolio of Carestream; it helps navigate and accelerate toward superb performance with a solution that grows with its customers. DRX Compass is USFDA and EU-approved, and compliant with ALARA principle. It also offers radiologists the flexibility to customize their fully featured room as per the floor space, workflow, and budget.

We have already installed multiple units across the country and have received an overwhelming response toward its performance, workflow capabilities, increased productivity, dose reduction capabilities, and most importantly for improved diagnosis.

Carestream’s Motion Mobile X-ray system was recently introduced to specifically cater to this segment of the market, with the vision of offering affordable imaging on the move, and designed to best suit the needs and budget of many small and mid-sized facilities.

It is a highly affordable, analogue mobile unit with 30 kW, high-frequency generator, small, lightweight, easy to use but still extremely powerful and robust. By simply adding the DRX-Transportable System/Lite and its wireless tablet with a DR detector, Motion Mobile becomes a full digital system with the image quality and accelerated workflow that only DR imaging can provide. This makes Motion Mobile a highly economical bridge from analogue or CR to the performance power of DR.

A digital radiology detector is an integral part of a medical imaging system and workflow. The right detector can help improve the efficiency and productivity of a radiology facility, and can also perform advanced imaging applications to help improve diagnosis and patient care.

We have also introduced our highly economical and affordable Focus 35C/43C detectors, powered by advanced Image Suite software. They deliver the productivity power of wireless operation and the image quality that only DR technology can offer. Best of all, the vendor-neutral focus detector slides right into the imaging facility’s existing analogue equipment, thus protecting the current investment.

Carestream’s DRX Plus 2530C detector is a specialized detector for pediatric imaging, which uses Cesium Iodide (Csl) scintillator for our highly dose-sensitive little patients, and its smaller pixel pitch delivers improved image quality for diagnostic confidence. This small-format, wireless DR detector is also quick and easy to position in incubator trays, while providing fast performance for instant access to images. The 2530C also offers the benefits of Carestream’s X-Factor, meaning it can be shared with other Carestream DRX equipment. With its flexible positioning and easy handling, the DRX Plus 2530C also is ideal for orthopedic imaging applications.

The DRX Plus 2530C detector can also be used in the orthopedic segment for examinations of the extremities where the ROI (region of interest) is limited, and thus the dose delivered to the patient is reduced.

Overall, we are excited about the opportunities in 2023 to deliver high-value technology, products, and services to our radiology community.

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