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Regional Eye Hospital Planned in Guntur City

Regional Eye Hospital has been proposed in Guntur city to render super specialty medical services to the patients suffering from the eye diseases. The officials proposed to set up a Super Specialty Eye hospital at Bongalarabeedu. Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu directed the officials to allot six acres of land to the Government General Hospital (GGH), Guntur, for the purpose. The GGH officials sent the proposal to the Director of Medical Education and the State government forwarded it to the Center. According to sources in the GGH, at present doctors in the Ophthalmology department are performing over 1000 cataract surgeries per year. The GGH is major government hospital in the State capital Amaravati. The government hospitals in five districts are referring the cases to the GGH to ensure better medical services to patients. At present knee transplantation, kidney transplantation and heart transplantation surgeries are performed at the GGH. Over 4000 patients are visiting the GGH per day for medical services.

The doctors in the GGH feel that there is need to set up a Regional Eye Hospital in the Guntur to perform cornea transplantation surgeries. Though donors are donating corneas, there is no facility to perform cornea transplant surgeries in the GGH. If Regional Eye Hospital is constructed, they will get better infrastructure and new operation theaters will come. The hospital will get new ophthalmologists. They will perform cornea transplantation and other eye surgeries. The hospital will render super specialty services. Speaking to The Hans India, GGH Superintendent Dr D S Raju Naidu said, “We have forwarded a proposal to set up Regional Eye Hospital in Guntur city to the Director of Medical Education. The DME sent the proposal to the Central government. Process started to get six acres of land at Bongaralabeedu in Guntur city.”   – The Hans India