• Anesthesia Equipment

    Brands Model Features Accura HealthCare AWS-401 Re-defined anesthesia workstation with a unique feature of compressed air driven anesthesia ventilator Allied Medical Meditec Galaxy Plus Fully integrated, compact, and ergonomic design;…Read More

  • Blood Glucose Monitors

    Brands Model Features Arkray Healthcare Glucocard 01-mini GT-1941 Glucose oxidase system with auto coding; 7-sec test time; Highly accurate Medsource Ozone Biomedicals Ozocheck Uright No coding required; Strip ejection function;…Read More

  • BP Monitors

    Brands Model Features Arkray Healthcare Trustcheck Ace WHO risk category indicators; Multi-user function Trustcheck Xpert Personal target function; Irregular heartbeat detection BPL Medical Technologies BPL 120/80 B1 Automatic pressurization; Large…Read More

  • Cath Labs

    Brands Model Features Allengers Medical Systems PROXIMA CS High powered ceiling suspended cath lab with flat panel detector (FPD), having swift and safe gantry movements in all directions Altima F100/F…Read More

  • Catheters

    Brands Model Features Johnson & Johnson Smart Touch ThermoCool and Navistar Thermocool Contact force sensing catheter Poly Medicure Umbilical Catheter Atraumatic, soft rounded open distal tip to reduce vascular trauma;…Read More

  • CT Scanners

    Brands Model Features Blue Star Engineering & Electronics Hitachi Supria 16-slice multi-detector CT scanner; Compact size, excellent image quality, and ease of use Hitachi Scenaria 128-slice multi-detector CT scanner; High-speed rotation and…Read More

  • Defibrillators

    Brands Model Features Allied Medical (under Saver One) CARDIASAFE Biphasic defibrillator monitor; Battery capacity of 70–100 shocks on single charge; Compact and light weight; Optional non-invasive pacing, SPO2 , NIBP,…Read More

  • Dialysis Equipment

    Brands Model Features Cura Healthcare DCS fs, DCS fs-Plus Open system; Timings based on disinfectant and dialyzer type; Use of RO water reduced significantly; Reprocessor reporting system using comprehensive software;…Read More

  • ECG Equipment

    Brands Model Features Allengers Medical Systems PISCES A103i/A106i 3/6 channel ECG with full interpretation; Touchscreen with full alphanumerical key board; 3+1,6/2 both printing format; Storage of 2000 patients; Additional storage…Read More

  • Endoscopy Equipment

    Brands Model Features BMS Pentax Bronchoscopes High image quality; Adult/pediatric application; Cost-effective with exceptional quality and durability Pentax Fibre   Laryngoscopes Portable and lightweight; Easy to operate and maintain; Has…Read More

  • Infusion Pumps

    Brands Model Features Allied Medical Syrn 200 Ergonomically and intuitively designed front loading infusion system; Special heating function, suitable for infusion in winter; Simple and convenient operation; Air bubble detector…Read More

  • Laser Equipment

    Brands Model Features Aarvam Medical Systems SUDAR 300 Ultra pulse CO2 laser for surgical and aesthetic applications; Ultra short pulses from 200 micro sec; Independent variation of ON and OFF…Read More

  • MRI Equipment

    Brands Model Features Blue Star Engineering & Electronics Hitachi Echelon Smart 1.5 T superconducting MRI model; Faster operation and clearer imaging Cura Healthcare Hitachi AIRIA Elite Most advanced mid-field MR with low…Read More

  • Nebulizers

    Brands Model Features Air Liquide Medical Systems L’espace Valved holding chambers for metered dose inhalers; Comfortable and anatomical masks, perfect adherence to face and low dead space; Patented valves system…Read More

  • Neonatal and Infant Care Equipment

    Brands Model Features Astra Medical Systems Foetal and Maternal Monitor Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery; Audio and visual alarm; FHR, TOCO, AFM, MNIBP, and MSpO2 measurement BPL Medical Technologies FM 9852…Read More

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