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RX modena from Randox Laboratories

Randox has been supplying laboratories worldwide with revolutionary diagnostic solutions for over 35 years. Our experience and expertise allow us to create a world leading product portfolio of high-quality diagnostic tools, including clinical chemistry analyzers, reagents, and quality controls, which offer a reliable and rapid diagnosis. We believe that by providing laboratories with the right tools, we can improve healthcare worldwide.

The RX series range of clinical chemistry analyzers offers five reliable, cost-effective platforms on which to base your laboratory analysis. The RX modena is a brand new, fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer with a throughput of 1200 tests per hour. With the ever expansive, unrivalled RX series test menu, the RX modena offers a winning combination for large multidisciplinary laboratories.

Benefits at a Glance
Test menu consolidation. Extensive dedicated test menu includes routine chemistries, lipids, antioxidants, cardiac, and diabetes testing to expand your testing capabilities on one efficient platform.

Accurate results. The RX modena offers two reagent pipettes, which ensures minimal carryover and testing errors to avoid any unnecessary additional costs of repeat testing and reducing the possibility of patient misdiagnosis.

Unrivalled performance. A built in inventory management system will automatically calculate remaining reagent volumes and the number of tests available.

Quality controls. Generate instant Levey-Jennings charts, calibration curves, and QC statistics to ensure reliability of results and view QC history including daily, monthly, and batch QC data archiving.

Flexibility and versatility. 13 wavelengths (340 nm–800 nm) can be generated ensuring a multitude of chemistries on one system. On-board barcode readers allow for quick and simple reagent and sample identification.

Software/monitor. The RX modena runs on Windows 8, the icon-based software allowing the user to easily navigate through the information screens and control operations of the analyzer from the main screen using informative tabs. An adjustable arm allows the RX modena monitor to be easily accessible while loading samples and inputting data.

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